In the media

Interview in the documentary 'Nusantara Lite' (2018) by Stefan Franz:

Interview in the documentary 'Les promesses d’Indonésie' (2017) by Bruno Aguila:

TV NPO Nieuwsuur

Interview concerning the bomb attack in Jakarta by IS on januari 14, 2016 (in Dutch).



What is Salafism? – Tilburg University (2014, in Dutch):

About the popularity of Salafism – Tilburg University (2014, in Dutch):


Lectures at Venice International University (2010)

'Muslims and Modernity' part 1:

'Muslims and Modernity' part 2:

'Muslims and Modernity' part 3:


'Loos Alarm'

Interview as part of the internet documentary 'Loos Alarm', about the negative view on Islam and muslims in the Nederlands. The documentary consists of 5 short YouTube films (2009, mainly in Dutch):

Loos Alarm part 1:

Loos Alarm part 2:

Loos Alarm part 3:

Loos Alarm part 4:

Loos Alarm part 5: